Natural Horizons Photography


My first workshop of the season will be held on Saturday, April 8 somewhere in the Kingsport area ( I haven't decided on a location yet) and will be for beginning photographers. If you are potentially interested in attending this workshop, contact me for additional information and I'll send you an application once they are available. Cost of the one-day workshop will be $55. 


General Information About My Workshops

My workshops are designed for the amateur or beginning photographer interested in learning the basics of digital photography and in improving their photographic skills. If you have a digital SLR camera or an advanced point-and-shoot but haven't taken it out of the automatic mode, then you will certainly benefit from, and enjoy one of my workshops. My one day workshops combine a morning indoor "classroom" lecture with an afternoon "hands on session". The indoor classroom session will feature demonstrations and instruction on basic fundamental photography elements. This session will also familiarize the participant with basic functions of their digital camera. Topics that will be covered during the indoor classroom session will include:

* Shutter Speed and motion control

* F-stop and depth of field

* ISO selection

* Automatic and manual exposure reading

* Lens selection and use of filters

* Image resolution and file format

* Basic photographic composition

* Control of motion and principles of lighting

The afternoon session will be held outdoors and will allow particpants to utilize and practice techniques that they learned during the morning session. I will be available during this session to answer any questions that participants may have. At the conclusion of the outdoor session participants will return to the classroom and may submit some of their images for critique if they wish.  My workshops will be limited to 8-10 participants so that each individual can be provided personal attention if needed.

I can also provide a private workshop for a group. If you have a group of coworkers, friends, family, etc. that would be interested in having a workshop scheduled, I can provide a private workshop for up to 6 participants for $200 at the location of your choice.

If you would like more personalized instruction, I can accomodate a 5 hour field session for one person for $90 and two people for $120.