Natural Horizons Photography

About Me

Growing up on a small farm in east Tennessee,  I developed a love of nature and the outdoors at a young age.   I pursued this interest as a career obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife Management from Tennessee Technological University and a  Master’s Degree in Forest Resources from Clemson University. I currently reside in Kingsport, Tennessee and serve as a Natural Resources Manager for the Department of the Army on a 6,000 acre Army installation.

While attending college as an undergraduate, I minored in journalism and was first “exposed” to photography while taking a journalism course on the subject.  Since that time, I have pursued photography as a primary interest for  nearly thirty years avidly photographing nature subjects. In 2005, I switched from a 35mm film camera to a digital SLR camera and started Natural Horizons Photography as a sideline business at that time. Since then, my work has been featured in a variety of publications. 

My goal in all of my wildlife and nature photography is to apply my knowledge of the natural world to the subjects I capture so that they appear natural and represent an authentic moment captured in time.

Bruce Cole